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The Oswego Renaissance Association

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The Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) is a non-profit organization engaged in a market-based revitalization of neighborhoods and communities within the city of Oswego. The ORA focuses on the revitalization of four different neighborhoods, or target zones. They provide education and resources to apply for grants for individuals and neighborhoods to restore the homes and neighborhoods.


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Learn more about each of the four target zones in the city of Oswego

1. The Kingsford Park Neighborhood
2. The Franklin Square & Montcalm Park Neighborhood
3. The Oak Hill Park Neighborhood
4. The Fitzhugh Park Neighborhood

How can I revitalize my home and neighborhood?

The Oswego Renaissance Association is currently accepting applications for Neighborhood Pride Grants for Winter/Spring 2015. These applications are due on January 15, 2015. For more information, click here

Contact the Oswego Renaissance Association at oswegorenaissance@gmail.com