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Check List for First-Time Home buyers

Many people become overwhelmed when they set out to purchase a home for the first time. Here is a check list for first-time home buyers with the very first steps you should take when looking to buy a home.

  1. Get Pre-qualified with a lender.
  2. When you schedule your pre-qualification meeting, make sure to bring your previous year’s W2, pay stubs, and a bank statement
  3. Be prepared for a credit report- this shows you what programs you are eligible for. There is no fee to have this credit report done.  ~Make sure you have the date of birth, social security number, and address for all parties
  4. With all of your documentation provided, consult with your lending partner to see what you can afford.
  5. Receive your pre-qualification letter

The most common mistake made by first-time home buyers is not having the required information for the consultation with a lender or for the credit report.

Make sure to ask your lender about any programs that may be offered for first-time home buyers.